This week, three FIP Tour tournaments are being played at the same time: the Fip Promotion of Jaén and Castellon in Spain, and the FIP Rise of Viña del Mar in Chile.

If no French player made the trip to Chile, several will be present in Spain. In Jaén, there will be only one representative from France among the girls: Laura Clergue, who teams up with the Spaniard Cristina Sanchez. Among the boys, we find Ludovic Hutzemakers, with the Spaniard Gutierrez.

In Castellon, we find five members of the French delegation, including the head seed 1 among the men, Guichard / Leygue.

Table :

In qualifying, we will find the Franco-Spanish pairs Johan Heros / Marco Grande and Harold Bernard / Joel Losana.

For the girls, we will follow Marianne Vandaele, who will also start in previas, with the Spaniard Nura Padilla.

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