Following the publication of 2024 competition guide, we know the framework that governs assimilations this season. Do you think you could benefit from assimilation into the French classification? Let’s see if you meet any of the criteria.

The international ranking

French players who stand out in FIP tournaments and Premier Padel can see their ranking directly valued in the national system.

For men, a ranking in the Top 200 FIPs et for women Top 100 FIPs on the date of publication of the monthly FFT ranking ensures a place of choice in the national hierarchy. This assimilation also allows foreign players to benefit from a ranking reflecting their level when they come to play tournaments in France.

Assimilation according to A1 classification Padel

Le circuit A1 Padel also fits into the French ranking landscape. Players with an A1 ranking Padel benefit from specific assimilation when the FFT ranking is published. This means that a player ranked in the top 20 of A1 Padel will be assigned, for example, the 10th place in ranking FFT for gentlemen and 5ème place for the Women.

This assimilation grid was designed to reflect the competitive reality of the padel at an international level and guarantee that the players playing on this circuit are precisely positioned in France.

Grid A1 padel

The correlation between tennis ranking and padel

The FFT has established a bridge between tennis and padel, recognizing that a good level in tennis often allows you to do better at padel. Consequently, the tennis rankings are now a determinant ranking of padel for players who have reached a certain level in this sport.

To achieve this correlation, a assimilation grid was put in place, allowing players ranked in tennis, from a certain level, to receive a ranking of padel adjusted. This grid takes into account the best tennis ranking obtained by the player, and transposes it into a ranking of padel equivalent.

Best tennis ranking assimilation grid

Assimilations compared to a classification padel prior

The players having been well ranked in the FFT ranking of padel, since it has been computerized (i.e. since October 2018) can benefit from classification assimilation.

This assimilation will be given according to the next grid :

Classification assimilation grid
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