During the elective general assembly of the FFT which was held this Saturday by videoconference, the list "Together For Another Tennis", led by Gilles Moretton, obtained the majority of the votes of the delegates of French tennis, elected by the clubs. Gilles Moretton was therefore elected today, for four years, as President of the French Tennis Federation. He thus succeeds Bernard Giudicelli.

Victory with more than 60%

The list "Together For Another Tennis" led by Gilles Moretton collected 5648 voice (61,20%) while the “Agir et Gagner 2024” list led by Bernard Giudicelli obtained 3581 votes (38,80%).

The FFT is administered by an Executive Committee of 18 members (these seats have been allocated to the first 18 names on the “Ensemble Pour un Autre Tennis” list) which will exercise its prerogatives under the supervision, evaluation and control of the Board of Governors. tennis (32 members *).

Gilles Moretton press conference

Change of scenery

Within this Superior Council of Tennis, Gilles Moretton's list obtains 26 seats while Bernard Giudicelli's list receives 6.

The organization chart of the Executive Committee will be known and communicated in the coming days.

On the occasion of this assembly, the members of the Federal Litigation Commission (9 people) and the Federal Justice Commission (8 people) were also elected.

Please find attached the compositions of the Executive Committee and the Superior Tennis Council of the French Tennis Federation, as well as the members of the federal litigation and federal justice commissions.

* The 32 seats on the Higher Tennis Council are distributed among the candidates not elected to the Executive Committee among all the lists. Sixteen seats are allocated to the top-ranked list. The sixteen other seats are distributed among all the lists, including the one that came first, by proportional representation according to the rule of the highest average.

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