As we told you a while ago, Hatem Ben Arfa is a true fan of padel. Licensed to 4Padel Montreuil, the former French international is in an honorable 1342nd place in the French rankings.

The crazy thing is that he participated in 70 tournaments this year, that's more than one tournament per week! According to our colleagues from Le Parisien, the native of Clamart, without a club since his departure from Lille last season, would not have finished with football yet. So does he use the padel to keep in shape before putting on the crampons again?

Perhaps, but not only that: it seems that the left-hander has developed a real addiction to this sport, as many footballers or former footballers before him. He would even play almost every day according to referee Roland Mermillod! The Frenchman can be proud of this great progression in 8 months, since last March, he was beyond 10.000th place.

Will we soon see Hatem enter the Top 1000? To be continued!

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