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How much do World Padel Tour winners make?

One of the biggest questions most amateur gamers face is how much money a professional player on the World Padel Tour. We will study in this article what provides the Technical Regulations of the circuit for this year.

However, we must take into account that here, we will only observe the price-money of the participation of the players in the circuit. We will not take into account the income in terms of sponsorship that can receive a player (brands and sponsors) nor the fact of having a team of professionals (coaches, nutritionists, fitness trainer etc.).

Men's circuit :

The price-money differs according to the category of practiced tournament, we distinguish the Master, the Open, the Challengers and the Cup of the Masters.

The master :

The Open circuit :

The Challenger circuit :

The Masters Cup

Women's Tour :

Just like their male counterparts, the women's circuit has different categories of tournaments: the Masters, the Open, the Challenger and the Masters Cup.

The master :

The Open circuit :

The Challenger circuit :

The Masters Cup :

With all these numbers, we can see the difference between the men's circuit and the World Padel Tour women's circuit.

The economic inequality that exists between different male and female competitions is important. This is a very widely commented debate since the beginning of Padel Professional whether in Spain or elsewhere in the world.

On the same subject:

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  1. I imagine and I hope that the price money is only part of the income. What about the padel? (exibs, sponsorship contracts, etc ...)

    The answer will depend on the player and probably it will go down very quickly but a bela a lamperti or a navarro with their popularity must be very good no? The 20eme player much less. Is there an estimate?

      1. Thank you for the link. I found the top3 in the mess
        I thought that c guttierez would be in the top10.
        So a top player wins 100k / year in price money. We can think that they double or triple like tennis?

  2. are the travel and accommodation expenses borne by the organizers?
    Otherwise, it is not good to be a professional who does not regularly reach the semi-finals.

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