Laura Clergue had the chance to interview at his home the best player in the history of padel, Fernando Belasteguin. The Boss, in all humility and sincerity, gave himself up.

His notable associations

After a first part of the interview during which he told us his story, in this second part he returns to his various recent associations with Agustin Tapia, Arturo Coello, Sanyo Guttierez and Mike Yanguas and his future association with Lucho Capra.

His stage the most striking of recent years has been the past alongside Agustin Tapia, whom he considers his son and judges to be the best current player.

Advice from “King Bela”

He gives us a few tips to achieve the lob and the importance of it. Bela explains to us what allowed her to beat absolutely every player in the world, without a real winning smash: by carefully analyzing the weaknesses of your opponents. He explains why according to him Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk are so strong currently and how Lebron and Galan managed to evolve their game.

Finally he tells us about his strong character on the track he has had since his childhood and what he wants to do with his days in a year, when he will no longer be a professional football player. padel. An authentic interview with the GOAT of padel which will help you get to know him better as he approaches his final year on the field.