A historic day for the padel. The central ground of the Foro Italico is full, and 6500 spectators are preparing to experience the semi-finals of the Italy Major Premier Padel.

In this very special atmosphere, it is the figure of Paquito Navarro who stands out: on the one hand because he is acclaimed with every movement, and on the other hand because the quality of his game today is stratospheric. Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno give Chingotto/Tello no chance
by postponing the first 4 games of the match. The seeded n°2 takes an option on the victory with the first set. 6/2

The match is balanced in the second set. Federico Chingotto regains consistency, and Juan Tello efficiency. The Argentinians get 4 break points in the 4th game and finally end up taking the service of their opponents. On their way, Gaby Reca's players pick up a round everywhere. 6/3

The third set is a carbon copy of the first: Paquito and Martin regain the upper hand over the Argentinians, and after a little less than two hours offer themselves a second final in as many tournaments on the circuit Premier Padel. Now, Rodri Ovide's players are waiting for their opponents for tomorrow's grand final and as you can see, they are very happy!

Place you will have understood it in the second semi-final. To do this, go to BeIn Sports if you are in France. For the Spaniards, it happens just below:

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