Two birds with one stone for Javi Garrido who separates in quick succession from Javi Rico and Lucas Campagnolo.

How can you leave two partners when until proven otherwise the padel is played by two people? Quite simply because Rico had been acting alongside Garrido since Campagnolo's injury.

The Brazilian recovered, the Andalusian announces the end of this short stage alongside his fellow Spaniard.

But as one might have thought at the beginning, the powerful left-wing player is not going to find “Campa” once he is completely recovered. Indeed, as he announced on Twitter, Garrido chose to end this second stage alongside the “Toro de Alegrete”.

This gives a little more credence to the possible association with Momo Gonzalez. Especially since Agustin Gutierrez and José Rico come to formalize their breakup, reinforcing the hypothesis of a family pair between Sanyo and his nephew. Furthermore, Edu Alonso and Juanlu Esbri also ended their joint stage.

As you have understood, we are dealing with many changes. What new pairs will be formed? Answers normally in the afternoon this Tuesday!

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