Jérôme Inzerillo looks back on his defeat against Teo Zapata and Miguel Semmler during the 2024 French Interclub Championships and reveals its ambitions for 2024.

Return to the match lost against Semmler / Zapata

“We had a very good match and I am obviously a little disappointed with the end, but frankly we had two big first sets. Afterwards, we relaxed on the important moments. I also point out that we played against two big players too, Teo Zapata and Miguel Semmler.

Concerning the decisive moments, the two breaks that we take, we take them quite easily, we don't have the impression of really playing them. Afterwards we came back twice and then Teo and Miguel had a very good tie-break, it was hard for us to come back physically.”

2024 objectives and partners

“After an intense pre-season, I feel ready to take on the challenges that await me. My goals ? Rejoin the French team padel and to perform well every time in all matches. The question of ranking is, of course, present in my mind, but I choose not to make it my sole concern. I try to take the matches one after the other and above all have fun. 

For both tournaments Premier Padel , I will play alongside Jose Roman Sanchis, a Spanish player. For the French Championships, I will partner with Manu Vives. And then we’ll see about the P2000s…”

Watch the interview in full below:

Dorian Massy

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