We hear it almost everywhere and in all clubs: “a window is broken”, “there are false bounces on the lines”, or even “the windows are flying too much, it’s unplayable”. We know of course that all this depends on the maintenance of the clubs, but we must not forget it, also on the work carried out at the base by your manufacturer.

The choice is not so simple

So, how do you choose the right provider? How to choose the one who will support you in the long term? Lay tracks padel, many companies are capable of offering it, but doing it well and ensuring that they last over time is something else. This is why there may sometimes be some problems...

Joko Padel can then help you solve this recurring problem.

We have too often seen construction sites that last too long, windows that break after a few months or even service providers who do not speak a word of French on the construction site. This is why Joko Padel takes over and supports you on your project from start to finish.

We created Joko Padel, the 360-degree platform for your clubs or your projects. From construction to maintenance of your slopes through renovation (changing the grass, windows, neoprenes), we take care of the project from A to Z. You entrust your program to a French site manager present on the site. site for personalized site monitoring allowing a tailor-made result.

From protecting nets or gates to cleaning your slopes

We are convinced that a builder must have several strings to his bow and he must be able to maintain what he has installed. The quality of your slopes and therefore the filling of your club depends on the quality of the infrastructure. This is what Joko brings you Padel, via its all-in-one platform.

Our vision of the field and construction is to be at the forefront of new technologies and innovations to design tennis courts. padel specific to each project and each environment. New materials are emerging and on our site we offer you the opportunity to choose what suits you best. Particularly for renovation, you will find a range of unique products for your clubs. You can buy windows in advance, protective foam, order a window cleaning session and many other things!

So don’t hesitate, ask us your questions or request a quote: www.jokopadel.com