We've already talked about it: this year, the World Padel Tour disappears, and with it its ranking. THE ranking FIP will now be legion, which doesn't help everyone's affairs...

Franco Stupaczuk: “It’s unfair”

For this “transition” season, the ranking will favor tournaments Premier Padel, since out of all the events taken into account in the ranking, only 3 belong to the World Padel Tour, the others concerning the last two seasons of the circuit financed by QSI. Will therefore be awarded those who played well in 2022 and 2023 in the few tournaments of the Premier Padel. No luck for those who performed at the highest level in 2023 during the many WPT events…

Franco Stupaczuk has already complained about this calculation method, which for him does not reward the current best. Indeed, the number 1 pair in the FIP is Galan / Lebron, yet it finished in third position on the WPT... Dominators in 2023, Tapia and Coello find themselves number 2 pair, while Stupa and Di Nenno will form the third duo. A hard blow for the Argentines who will therefore have to cross swords each time with one of the first two seeds in the semi-final.

Di Nenno quiet WPT

But Carlos Pozzoni's players are perhaps not the most affected by this change in governance. Indeed, the one who appears at the accounting level as the big loser of the new ranking is Jon Sanz. The Navarrese, who completely blossomed last season on the circuit financed by Damm, finished 2023 in 10th place. Problem, Jon pays his 2022 results on the Premier Padel and is in 22nd position in the FIP ranking…

Silingo won't complain!

Thus, he and his teammate Nieto find themselves number 9 pair, and can therefore face any of the first eight seeds from the eighth. And it's a bit the same thing for Javi Garrido and Miguel Yanguas, who participated in the WPT Master Final last season, but who will form pair 10. On the contrary, Victor Ruiz and Lucas Bergamini, further back on the World Padel Tour, will start 2024 as pair 8.

The big winner is none other than veteran Agustin Gomez Silingo, who is in 27th place in the FIP, while he had fallen to 64th position in the WPT!

The redistributed cards

With players like Sanz, Nieto, Garrido and Yanguas outside the Top 8, we should be treated to terrible games from the round of XNUMX of the tournaments of the Premier Padel. If they are very unlucky in the draw and systematically fall on the first pairs during these famous eighths, all these players who were part of the Top 16 last season will have to work hard to get back to the top.

In the Top 3, we notice that the poor start to the 2023 season of Lebron and Galan will ultimately have had no accounting impact, Jorge Martinez's players starting 2024 as the first pair. All the work of Stupa and Di Nenno, who were the most consistent last year, must therefore be redone. THE super kids will they be able to find “their” second place?

As you have understood, this new classification, if it seems clearly unfair to some, will at least have the merit of adding a little spice at the start of the season. Enough to offer us a maximum of interesting matches!

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