This Wednesday, April 24, the inauguration of the center took place Home Padel DOS in Asnières-sur-Seine. On this occasion, the founding president of the Casa group Padel José Manuel Escin spoke in the presence of several celebrities to mark the occasion and formalize the opening of this second 100% structure padel.

Casa’s DNA Padel in Asnières-sur-Seine

Inauguration Casa Padel DOS 4

After thanking the official representatives present at the ceremony, José Manuel Escoin began by emphasizing the satisfaction of being able to inaugurate this new center in Île-de-France today:

"Finally CASA PADEL DOS opens its doors in this magnificent sporting and active city and we are proud to develop this sporting setting around the Padel and with the objective of introducing Asniérois to this sport which perfectly sums up the DNA of the CASA centers PADEL : fun, addictive, intergenerational, friendly and competitive."

The founding president of Casa Padel then thanked the town hall of Asnières-sur-Seine for its trust, before making a special mention for the group's partners and sponsors: RTE, Wilson, Creative, Cabînet Exelmans, NSA Astra Net, FINELIO Architectes, Casa Orza restaurant, the GO GAIN and OYSHO fitness team.

Cyril Hanouna headlines

He also wanted to greet all of his associates “who believed in this human adventure which today becomes a real entrepreneurial adventure with the opening of this CASA center PADEL DOS which will set the example of our future development with the next openings throughout France."

Inauguration Casa Padel DOS 1

Among his associates, José Manuel Escin highlighted the most “charismatic and iconic" of all : Cyril Hanouna. The presenter of TPMP today is “the ambassador of this sport in the media and our dedicated partner in the development of CASA centers PADEL.” The 59th French player was well accompanied for the exhibition games, since we were able to see him play Benjamin Tison, Teo Zapata, Javi Clar, Mario Huete, etc.

Inauguration Casa Padel DOS 2

The culmination of a project, the beginning of an adventure

José Manuel Escin ended his speech with more good news: “I am happy to announce that this summer we will cover both fields of padel exteriors in order to make the practice safer and to offer the best conditions for our players... And to integrate ourselves perfectly into this Asniéro district where we will do everything to bring joy and quality services to our neighbors."

The inauguration of this second structure also marks the launch of a more global expansion of the Casa group Padel across France :

"The group HOME PADEL will shortly be the leader 100% sports centers padel accompanied by premium services and with a Franco-Iberian DNA which, I hope, will allow us to see the future seeds of French champions grow who will dethrone the Argentine and Spanish champions!"

Remember that another center, Home Padel THREE, is currently being developed in the Mulhouse region.

Inauguration Casa Padel DOS 3
Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!