The information comes from one of our colleagues, the very serious Alberto Bote, who has just shared a video on Twitter in which he affirms that Lebron and Paquito will get back together after the Puerto Cabello P2 of Premier Padel.

For the moment, neither of the two Andalusians has communicated officially, but the source is reliable, so there is a very, very good chance that those who reached the top of the ranking in 2019 will team up again this year!

The return of the number 1 pair of 2019?

If the news is confirmed, it first means that Navarro will part ways with Sanyo Gutiérrez. Version 2.0 of the two former partners, which started badly in Riyadh but recovered well in Doha, will therefore not last very long. Then, this confirms that as expected, Lebron will not last forever with Momo Gonzalez, with whom he will only play the Venezuelan tournament. Finally, a time anticipated on the left, the player of the Team Babolat should therefore stay to the right.

Still according to Alberto Bote, many players would have offered their services to “El Lobo”, but it was his ex-teammate Paquito who was the lucky one. It must be said that the Sevillian is still a size on the left, as confirmed by his presence in 2023 in the Top 5 of players making the most winning shots but also in that of those making the fewest unforced errors. And in the current situation, the proposition of a player at the top of his game and as decisive as LeBron can be on the right is not really unacceptable for “Paco”, who seemed not to be able to play the very leading roles with Sanyo.

Be careful, however, because the Spaniards both have strong temperaments and their return together could spark sparks, even if they had proven in 2019 that they were capable of playing very well together. As proof, the Lebron / Navarro pair will forever remain the first 100% Spanish pair to seize first place in the world.

Finally, fun fact, we would literally see a crossover between the two finalist pairs of the WPT Master Final 2023.

Who to continue with Sanyo?

If the separation between Navarro and Gutiérrez is confirmed, we will then wonder with whom “El Mago”, who seemed enthusiastic about his return to Paquito's side, will continue in 2024. Is a second stage with Momo Gonzalez possible, at least in the short term? This seems unlikely but the least we can say is that players like to do something new with something old at the moment, so why not... The most logical thing would still be for us to witness a new wave of changes after the South American tour of Premier Padel. The P2 in Brussels should therefore be an opportunity to see new duos at work!

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