In the semi-final of Premier Padel Qatar Major pitting Sanyo Gutiérrez and Paquito Navarro against Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello, “El Mago” released a phrase which he has the secret to changing sides.

While the veterans were in great difficulty against those who won the tournament the next day, the native of San Luis seemed a little disgusted during a change of ends.

“There’s one we can’t play with, and the other is Messi!”

When we know how much the Argentinian is a fan of Leo Messi, we say to ourselves that the person concerned (in this case probably Agustin Tapia) should appreciate it. Certainly a little more than Ramiro Choya who tried to find solutions by talking with Paquito Navarro and who didn't seem to appreciate Sanyo's helplessness any more...

Beaten sharply (6/0 6/4) by the players of Gustavo Pratto, Paquito and Sanyo can still be satisfied with their competition, they who reached the semi-final of this first Major of 2024!

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