It’s the big “transfer window” for brands, and even retirees are affected! As proof, Juan Martin Diaz, who said goodbye to Dropshot a few days ago, appeared with a new pala at theHexagon Cup.

JMD has announced the end of his career, this means that we will no longer see him in tournaments Premier Padel for example, but that does not mean that the native of Mar del Plata will completely disappear from the landscape padelistic.

Indeed, the former world number 1 is currently playing the Hexagon Cup, then he will head to the United States to play the Pro Padel League but above all to get involved in the Reserve project Padel. And even in retirement, a player who has left such a mark on the history of his sport remains an asset for a brand. One thing that Bullpadel Didn't have any trouble integrating. The Spanish company, which sponsors many great players (Paquito, Di Nenno, Chingotto, Tello, Brea, Salazar, Triay, Araujo, etc.), has decided to add a true icon to its group of big names.

In fact, the brand published a video on Instagram to announce the big news. For the moment, it remains mysterious, but it looks like JMD will have its own line within the Iberian firm's range...

Yesterday, he appeared with a Vertex 04 in the colors of his team, the Hexagon Cup Team, for his successful entry into the running with Navarro. Will he continue with this pala or soon have a signature model? Answer very soon!

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