A reform in the distribution of points has just been announced by the FIP. Discover the changes!

As she explains in a press release, the FIP has taken steps to “protect the positions of the world’s top players while providing opportunities for emerging talents and players from all backgrounds to accumulate points for the world rankings”.

We first notice that the Platinum, Gold, Star, Rise and Promotion categories of FIP Tour will award a few more points than before, as you will see below.

  • Platinum: 250 points for winners compared to 200 in 2023
  • Gold: 125 points for the winners against 100 in 2023
  • Star: 62 points for the winners against 50 in 2023
  • Rise: 31 points for the winners against 25 in 2023
  • Promotion: 15 points for the winners compared to 10 in 2023

But the significant change in this new distribution is the appearance of a bonus about Major, P1 et P2 de Premier Padel. THE players will win extra points when they reach defeat a top seed. This change, reserved for men, is intended to reward those who manage to beat higher ranked opponents.

The new distribution of points:

new distribution of FIP points

We're waiting to see how these changes will translate on the slopes and what the influence of this new bonus points system will be on the rankings!

For those who would like to compare, here is the old points system:

FIP-points distribution
Dorian Massy

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