In Düsseldorf this weekend, Ale Galan and Juan Lebron won their second title of the season, after the success in Tampere a month ago.

But this title gleaned from Germany does not really have the same value as that from Finland. Indeed, this time the Spaniards have dominated in turn the two pairs which precede them in the ranking. In addition, throughout the competition they showed a face that reminded us of the three years during which they reigned over the padel World.

For these reasons, some observers believe that the 2020 World Champions will make a real return to the forefront, and that they will play the leading roles in the next competitions. But this is not really the case for all our readers…

Indeed, following a survey on Instagram, we can see that you are only 50% convinced by a return of Lebron and Galan to the top.

Let's see if the former number 1s confirm the performance of the German Padel Open in Holland, where they are, remember, in the table part of Di Nenno and Stupa, whom they swept away on Sunday in the final!

For those who would like to see the table of this Amsterdam Open, it is here !

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