Many fans dreamed of it, they will be entitled to it next week: Javi Garrido and Momo Gonzalez will face Sanyo and Agustin Gutierrez in Holland!

This is THE shock of the first round of World Padel Tour Decathlon Amsterdam Open. Sanyo and his nephew, semi-finalists in Madrid, will compete against their respective former teammates, the Andalusians Momo and Garrido. A match which clearly smells of gunpowder and which will take place late Tuesday afternoon. Note that another match between former teammates will be played in this Dutch Open: Muñoz/Bautista vs Lamperti/JM Diaz, youth versus experience!

Several other first rounds promise to be hot in the Netherlands, like Moyano/Gil vs Tello/Ruiz or Di Nenno/Stupa vs Diestro/Leal!

Among the girls, we will of course follow the two French women Alix Collombon and Léa Godallier and their respective partners Lorena Rufo and Eli Amatriain. The two Franco-Spanish duos are entitled to draws which resemble those of the German Open. Indeed, Léa and Eli face two players very close to them in the ranking, Carolina Navarro and Marina Guinart, while Alix and Lorena are once again not spoiled since after the Alayeto, they inherit two other legends of the padel world: Patty Llaguno and Lucia Sainz.

Will we be entitled to French victories this time?

Once is not customary, we will have two French people in advance. Benjamin Tison and the Belgian Clément Geens start their competition at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday against another Belgian, Max Deloyer, and his Spanish partner Alvaro Sola.

Carla Touly and veteran Nela Brito start at 11:00 a.m. Monday against youngsters Maria Castañera and Mireia Herrada.

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