Le World Padel Tour bows out after ten years of good and loyal service. A look back at the highlights of the circuit financed by Estrella Damm.

The beginnings and rise of the WPT

Le World Padel Tour (WPT) began in 2013, marking a revolution in the world of padel. This initiative, supported by the Damm group, succeeded the Padel Per tour, introducing a more structured and ambitious professional circuit. From its first steps, the WPT has put in place an impressive calendar of 18 tournaments, with a very popular Master Final.

This structure not only increased the visibility of the sport, but also attracted new talent, raising the level of competition. The WPT quickly grew in popularity, attracting big-name sponsors and television audiences, which contributed to its exponential growth and international expansion. The circuit was a catalyst for the padel, transforming a relatively unknown sport into a global phenomenon, with players becoming stars and matches broadcast around the world.

Key moments, records and internationalization

Each WPT season has been marked by unforgettable moments. In 2014, the separation of Juan Martín Díaz and Fernando Belasteguín, after 13 years of domination, opened the way to new rivalries and energized the circuit.

In 2016, the WPT revolutionized its communication, partnering with television channels to reach a wider audience. The year 2020, marked by the pandemic, still saw the WPT organize 11 tournaments, affirming its commitment to sport and its athletes. These moments not only strengthened the reputation of the WPT, but also helped elevate the padel to the rank of internationally recognized professional sport. Attendance records and exceptional player performances have helped make the WPT an essential circuit in the world of sport.

The internationalization of World Padel Tour has been a key element of its growth strategy. By extending its footprint beyond the Spanish borders, the WPT has strengthened the presence of padel on the world stage. Tournaments were organized everywhere, which made it possible to reach new audiences and generate growing interest in the sport.

The final chapter: the Barcelona Master Final 2023

The 2023 Boss Barcelona Master Final was a historic event, marking the end of the WPT. This tournament established a attendance record with 15 spectators, reflecting the growing popularity of padel. This tournament was a high-level sporting spectacle, but also a celebration of everything the WPT has accomplished over the past decade, marking the end of one era and the beginning of a new one. It served as a platform for emotional farewells and memorable performances, cementing its place in the history of the padel.

Boss Master Final WPT record spectators

Legacy and the future

The WPT leaves behind a legacy of professionalism, innovation and passion for the padel. Its integration into Premier Padel, under the aegis of the International Federation of Padel, paves the way for a new era for sport. Players old and new, as well as fans around the world, will remember the WPT as a golden era of padel professional. The circuit was a springboard for many talents and played a key role in popularizing the padel worldwide.

The WPT has not only contributed to the evolution of the game, but also set high standards for tournament organization, media coverage and sports marketing. Its influence will be felt in the years to come, as the padel continues to grow in popularity and prestige.

Thanks and recognition

Players expressed their gratitude to the tour, recognizing the impact the WPT had on their careers and the sport in general. The WPT will not only be remembered for its tournaments and its records, but also for having shaped the careers of many players and for having contributed to the global growth of the game. padel. The circuit, although often criticized, will have been a springboard for many talents and will have played a determining role in the popularization of the padel worldwide. Players, coaches, fans and sponsors have all played a role in the success of the WPT, and their contributions will continue to influence the sport for years to come.

Le World Padel Tour ends, but its spirit and influence will live on in the hearts of players and fans. THE padel continues to evolve, and the WPT will remain a crucial chapter in its history, a testament to the rise of a niche sport to a global discipline.

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