We were waiting for a draw to find out who, Mapi or Majo, who both finished in sixteenth place in the Race, would compete in the Master Final. The twins ultimately chose to make the decision themselves.

There will be no draw to see which of the two sisters will play the last tournament in the history of World Padel Tour. Indeed, as we are informed our colleagues from Mundo Deportivo, it is Mapi who will participate in the competition. The player on the right will thus end her professional career at Palau Sant Jordi, alongside her friend Lucia Sainz. For the moment, we do not know which of the two players will move to the left for the competition. Lucia, who has already evolved in this direction, seems a priori best suited to take charge of the reverse.

Majo therefore played the last match of her career in Mexico, a defeat in the first round against Velasco / Canovas, which allowed Veronica Virseda to pass Sebastian Nerone's players in the rankings and deprive the former number 1s of a last dance together.

With this new participation, Mapi Alayeto will become the only player to have participated in all editions of the end-of-season tournament. A great reward for the immense career of the twins.

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