Budapest, Hungary, will host the second edition of the FIP European Junior Championships, following the first held in 2022 in Valencia, Spain. Two years ago, the Spanish hosts triumphed at both the men's and women's level, with Portugal and Italy also on the men's podium and Sweden and Italy second and third respectively among the girls. During the 2022 edition, Spain had in its ranks great talents from padel world like Pablo Cardona or Claudia Fernandez, the new partner Gemma Triay.

In Budapest, a national team tournament and an Open will be contested, as in all FIP competitions involving federations.

“Major international team events dedicated to young athletes – said FIP President Luigi Carraro – play a crucial role in the growth of our young people, a relevance that is reflected in the purest values ​​of our sport: team spirit to sporting loyalty and the exchange of experiences between young people from different cultures who, by interacting with each other and comparing themselves on and off the court, can only strengthen their values . Looking at the many FIP tournaments dedicated to young people – whether on-tour or team tournaments – and our duty to cherish and 'nurture' their sporting dreams, I like to think that what we have built for them, for these young athletes, is a sort of “Erasmus of talent”, a means of increasing the technical, educational and valuable experience of those who will be the champions of tomorrow. I would particularly like to thank the Hungarian Federation and the local and national institutions for enthusiastically welcoming the project to organize this edition of the FIP European Junior Championships.”

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