Interview with Argentina's Maria José Sbrascini, three-time world champion padel, and main coach of the stays offered by Sports Prestige in the French and Spanish Basque Country.

Maria Jose Sbrascini, three-time world champion padel, East coach in San Sebastian, in the Spanish Basque Country. She collaborates with Sports Prestige since the launch in 2023 of internships in this superb city located barely half an hour from Biarritz. Argentina has led several Sport Prestige courses, combining training, followed by stretching sessions (with the K-Stretch method) and matches against local players.

Novelty, from 9 to 11 May 2024, the launch of a 100% female internship, always at San Sebastian. Maria José Sbrascini, in appreciable French, tells us more about her career and her vision as a coach on the other side of the Pyrenees, where the padel is still a step ahead of France…

His story with padel

“What I immediately liked about padel, that's the pleasure I had while playing! I liked the speed, the
changes of rhythm, the continuity of the game. And there was also a very interesting social interaction because at the padel, everyone plays with everyone, to share a good time.

Before padel, I played tennis: I started at the age of 6 in the city of La Plata in Argentina, then I very quickly progressed competitively throughout the country. I've won quite a few tournaments. It was at the age of 17 that I started working padel, thanks to a professional player, Gustavo Asnaghi. I quickly won tournaments locally and I moved into the professional world in 1991. I won three world championship titles in padel, in Madrid in 1992 and 1996 then in Mexico in 2002. Alongside my career, I studied sports and, over time, I specialized in teaching sports. padel. I became a professional coach in Argentina and then in Spain, in San Sebastian, 15 years ago.”

Maria Jose Sbrascini

In France, the padel is a young sport

“Personally, I think that French players must go through a logical process of adaptation
au padel. In France, the padel is a young sport, there are very few players padel “pure”, many
come from tennis, squash, pelota… and, of course, “drag” the specific technique of their basic sport.

In fact, French players often play very quickly and move straight forward. In Spain,
today, the padel has evolved and developed its own methodology: players are faster,
use effects and rhythm changes together. Their movements are more precise, all due to years of practice and constant adaptations. French players will also improve their game by integrating these specific skills, they just need time.”

Maria's advice to her students for high balls

“All learning must take time, it is crucial to first acquire a good basic technique
(bandeja, bajada,, vibora et roller), know how to position yourself, be “compact”, control rotation, inertia… Then, the player must improve movement and control of the ball, all these factors are determining factors for logical and sustained development over time. We go from easy to difficult.”

Maria Jose Sbrascini

Maria's educational approach

“The main objective is to provide players with both technical and tactical knowledge and information. In the Sport Prestige courses, I work with a teaching system that I called “The spaces of padel » where through colors, speeds, positions and situations, the
Participants will be able to understand the how and why of the actions to be carried out. A very system
visual, practical and dynamic, with a lot of information, easy to internalize and which clearly allows you to acquire technical/tactical concepts adapted to the possibilities of each player and thinking about their evolution.”

The future of padel according to Maria

“The future of padel is immense, this sport has not yet reached its peak! At the amateur level, we can
practicing at all ages and at all levels, we create important bonds between people, which
persist over time, which generates the opening of new clubs, tournaments, and schools of all levels every day.

On a professional level, it's already quite a spectacle, with more and more media coverage. The business continues to grow, sponsors and brands are very present in Spain, but also in many countries such as France. There are real stars, the pro circuit is very popular because the game is spectacular. The players are well prepared and, above all, train hard to be at the top level, because the padel is a demanding sport. Like in tennis, to get into the top 50, you have to make huge sacrifices!”

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