Manu Martin is one of the big names in this sport. Coach, streamer, commentator but also content creator, the Spanish technician impresses us with his versatility. In a video for 'Mejora You Padel' Manu Martin reveals 6 secrets of the professionals of padel.

The nine points of Momo Gonzalez


Momo Gonzalez has a mental routine that he uses when it matters. A technique to concentrate, but also to reset your mind. In an interview with Manu Martin, he confides:

"I have a ritual that brings me luck, I know it's hard to understand. During crucial moments, I focus on the windows. There are 5 in the baseline, and I divide them into three parts, as well as for the two side windows. I repeat the same process, separating them into three parts. Then, the intersections of these panes form nine points, and I have to step on each of them to bring me luck and refocus myself mentally. If I miss one, I have to start over.”

A rather complex and difficult to understand technique, but which proves once again that Momo Gonzalez seems to come from another planet.

Bela / Tapia: the three-pack

Bela and Tapia have a rather singular ritual: they always play with three identical racquets, whether during training or matches. They always have three racquets at hand.

Agustin Tapia declares "Every game, I take three racquets with me. I try to keep them the same and train with those three. It's something I learned from Bela. Since I started doing it, it has helped me tremendously, especially in the middle of a match. If a racket breaks, I still have two identical ones available. "

"Having a spare racquet can make the difference in a game“, concludes Manu Martin. Admittedly, not everyone can afford to buy three tennis racquets. padel In one time. However, one thing is certain: If you should break your racquet during a tournament, you would certainly be delighted to have another identical one in your bag.

The grip of Lebron and Silingo

Lebron explains "I often remove the original grip to put on another, or even an overgrip, depending on the day. I think with a thinner grip, it's easier to regain your grip between points. I really appreciate having a thin grip, because it makes handling the racquet easier.. "

You may have already noticed that Silingo's racquet has a rather bulky handle. Here's why :

Silingo explains: “I have to put 7 overgrips on my racquet, but my goal is to put less. Changing each grip takes me an hour, which becomes unbearable, and I don't even want to. This season, I try to put only four. Using multiple grips allows me to have a more open grip and stabilize my wrist.”

Silingo Veneto Padel FIP Cup 2022

The racket in the freezer

racket freezer

"This “ritual” is only performed in summer“, specifies Manu Martin. The Spanish technician explains that this is a practice adopted by players during hot weather, such as Victor Ruiz or Gonzalo Rubio. As seen in Rome during the BNL Italy Major, in the summer and during side changes players sometimes place their racquets in the freezer.. With rising temperatures, snowshoe foam padel tends to soften. The advantage for players of putting their racquet in a freezer is to allow the foam to return to a lower temperature and regain some stiffness.

Professional players take care not to exceed a certain temperature, otherwise their racquets could break. At worst, thanks to their sponsors, in case of breakage, they can get new ones but they still try not to abuse this technique.

The disadvantage of an overheated racquet is that its foam becomes very soft. If you don't have a fridge, Manu Martin advises you to use a thermal protection cover or store it directly in your racket bag. The objective is to preserve the racket as much as possible from direct sunlight.

Paquito's smash

Paquito Navarro cry 2023 Premier Padel Madrid

Paquito Navarro is an exceptional player, capable of moments of genius, all accompanied by a devastating smile. The Andalusian revealed to Manu Martin the secret of his smash:

Paquito explains "When I spike, I release my wrist so the ball gets more spin. I engage my whole body and hit the ball with my wrist. The goal is to give it more spin so it gains altitude or performs a par three. My wrist is a big help in this process.”

Sanyo the genius of strategy

Sanyo is a real magician. The Argentine has always impressed us with his precision and his ability to find impossible areas. In an interview with Manu Martin, Sanyo explains how he creates space with his favorite shot: the backhand.

"The chiquita and the lob give me many advantages because I do the same preparation for both shots. The opponent can never anticipate whether I'm going to play deep or forward. Of course, sometimes the opponents manage to decipher the preparation of the chiquita and anticipate, but I know that I can surprise them later with a lob. Moreover, I prefer to save this gesture for the decisive moments.

"If space arises in the game, I seek to play deep, but if there is none, I try to bounce the ball quickly so as not to be trapped. Left players these days are so tall they can volley a single step forward. If my opponent is stationary and I see that the space is reduced, I try to do just enough to make the opponent wonder whether to hit before or after the rebound."

By creating space in the game and creating uncertainty, Sanyo Gutierrez gains confidence and manages to destabilize his opponents.

You can find the full video of Manu Martin right here
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