Every weekend, we watch two players hold up a trophy. However, they are not alone in this success. Gradually the padel has developed into a recognized professional sport. Such a status necessarily implies the arrival of professionals specialized in this field. Osteopaths, physiotherapists, psychologists… but above all trainers.

The latter embody the shadow of the work of the professional players of padel. These coaches take the duos to the highest level and play a key role in their daily work. Formerly, the padel did not really require a trainer, but today it is essential to have one, or even several! So who are the coaches of the best pairs in the world? padel global?

Superpibas Bea Gonzalez and Delfi Brea: Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez coach padel

He is one of the most prestigious coaches on the professional circuit. The best players in the world have passed through his hands. For almost 10 years he was the coach of the Alayeto sisters, now managed by Sebastian Nerone.

The Madrilenian is a central player in the project of the company M3 Sports & Coaching, and he holds the position of technical director of the High Performance Center for Juniors of the Damm Foundation. This season, Jorge Martinez supervises the Superpibas, with which he won three trophies (Denmark, Valladolid, P1 Madrid).

Fernando Belasteguin and Mike Yanguas: Miguel Sciorilli and Willy Lahoz

Willy Lahoz is one of the legends of padel. He is still today the oldest player (44 years old) to have won a trophy on the professional circuit (he was recently equaled by Bela). During his career, Willy shared the field with partners such as David Gutierrez, Aday Santana, Leo Padovani, Paquito Navarro, Juani Mieres, Raul Arias, and even Fernando Belasteguin, with whom he won two titles. Currently, the Cantabrian is coaching the Argentine alongside Mike Yanguas but he's not the only one.

Indeed, Miguel Sciorilli also train this pair. Miguel is one of the most respected coaches in the world of padel. The Argentinian is even considered one of the best coaches in the world. He has collaborated with Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima (the duo having won the most trophies on the WPT), as well as with Ariana Sanchez. Professor at La Salle University, coach for companies, Miguel has also worked in partnership with the FFT. The Argentine impresses with his versatility. Today, with the evolution of social networks, he shares some “tips” to reveal some of his best secrets as a trainer.

Coello/Tapia: the Pratto – Crosetti – Martin trio

Crosetti - Pratto - Martin coach of Coello Tapia

Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello are having an exceptional season with already 10 titles on the World Padel Tour ! The latter do not have one coach but three.

Gustavo Pratto is the main coach of the champions of the circuit. As his coaching career progressed, the Spaniard started overseeing the performances of 'King Arturo', as well as Paula Josemaria. He runs his own academy in Valladolid, and that's where Arturo evolved and grew as a player. Gustavo Pratto was also a professional player on the World Padel Tour, but retired in 2014.

To Pablo Crosetti, it's a bit the same story but with the “Mozart de Catamarca”. He is a coach who prepares the young promises of Nox, as Agustin was at the start of his career. He accompanied the Argentinian in several of his latest projects.

Manu Martin is one of the biggest names in the sport. Coach, youtuber, streamer, snowshoe designer padel, commentator… the Spaniard impresses with his versatility. This year, we have seen him several times on the bench to coach the best pair in the world, especially during the “controversy finale” in Chile.

Lebron/Galan: Mariano Amat

Mariano Amat coach of Lebron Galan

The Argentinian technician has trained “El Lobo” and “Galantico” since the start of their partnership. In 2020, Mariano Amat was named “Coach of the Year”. Although the trio functioned perfectly for three years, winning a total of 27 titles, this year they are experiencing their first real difficulties. Indeed, Lebron and Galan are still looking for their first title.

Mariano, who runs M3 Sports & Coaching alongside Jorge Martinez, will he be able to lead them to victory again?

Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez, and Sanyo/Momo: Claudio Gilardoni

Claudio Gilardoni coach of Josemaria Sanchez

Claudio Gilardoni is a renowned trainer in the world of padel. The technician notably coached the Bela/Sanyo pair in their debut, as well as Tapia and 'El Mago de San Luis' last year. Claudio has always had a special bond with the Gutiérrez family. Besides training Sanyo, he also collaborated with Cristian. This season, he continues to coach Sanyo, who has partnered with Momo Gonzalez.

Claudio is also recognized for his coaching of numbers 1, Paula Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez. In total, the trio has won 23 titles on the WPT.

The Superpibes: Carlos Pozzoni

Carlos Pozzoni coach of Superpibes

Carlos Pozzoni is a very charismatic personality in the world of padel. His declarations and his way of coaching make him one of the “darlings” of the supporters. During his career, the Argentinian notably coached Marta Marrero and Marta Ortega when they became number 1.

“Charlie” has been accompanying Franco Stupaczuk for a while. This 2023 season we see him alongside the “Superpibes”. And one thing is sure, the trio is very fusional, as we have seen on social media several times this year.

Marta Ortega and Gemma Triay: Maxi Grabiel and Rodri Ovide


Maxi Grabiel is one of the most recognized players in the history of the padel. With illustrious partners such as Miguel Lamperti and Paquito Navarro, he achieved great success on the world circuit of padel. However, just over a year ago he announced that he was retiring from padel professional to devote himself 100% to his coaching role.

Last year he started alongside Marta Ortega and Bea Gonzalez, who had a remarkable season. This season he started coaching Lima and Nieto before they separated. He is also the coach of Miguel Lamperti, with whom he was a partner. Despite the separation of Martita and Bea at the start of the season, the Spanish technician decided to continue the adventure with Marta, who joined forces with Gemma Triay. He also works in tandem with a certain Rodri Ovide.

Rodrigo Ovide is one of the most renowned coaches in the world of padel. The number of professional players he has coached and the successes they have had has earned him recognition as one of the best.

The Argentine coach has notably trained the number 1 of the circuit, Triay and Salazar, a trio which has totaled 23 titles. After Salazar's injury, Rodrigo stayed alongside Gemma Triay and collaborated with Maxi Gabriel to coach the new Triay/Ortega pair. With the announcement of the separation of Triay and Salazar, the question arises as to whether Rodrigo will remain Alejandra's coach. In addition, Rodrigo also coaches Tello/Ruiz and Javi Garrido.

Chingotto/Paquito and Riera/Icardo: Gabriel Reca

Gabriel Reca coach of PaquitoChingotto - RieraIcardo

Like Maxi Grabiel, "Gaby" is a former great player of padelconverted into a trainer padel. Gaby became number 1 in the Padel Pro Tour alongside Seba Nerone in 2001. Thereafter he continued to achieve great success and ended his career playing alongside promising players who are now stars, like Lebron or Momo.

As a coach, he already worked with Chingotto when he was with Tello. He has also mentored great duos such as Tamara Icardo and Delfi Brea, as well as Lucía Sainz and Bea González. He is also one of the coaches of the Argentine selection. Gabriel Reca is particularly renowned for his outspokenness and his unique way of coaching.

This season, he is still looking for his first success with the two pairs he coaches: Chingotto/Paquito and Riera/Icardo. Note that he coaches in tandem with Adrian Torres Montero.

Vincent Gallie

A fan of oval football, round ball but also racket sports, he was stung by the padel during his adolescence in Galicia. As comfortable in front of the camera as behind a microphone, Vince will be able to bring his vision and expertise as a fan of the little yellow ball.