Barely over the world championship that the players of World Padel Tour have already put their bags down to compete in the last Master of 2021 (before the Master Final).

While most of the girls have already finished their season (only the first 16 still have a tournament to play, the Master Final), the men still have their work cut out for them. Present in Argentina to compete in the Buenos Aires Master, they will be in Mexico in a week, for the CDMX Open.

Defeated in the World Cup final by Spain, we imagine that all Argentines will be particularly keen to shine in front of their audience.

Who says Master, says that the seeds all start in the sixteenth, the spectators present at La Rural should therefore be feasted today.

Among the matches that seem the most interesting on paper, besides the farewell of Seba Nerone in front of his audience, we have a JMD / Lijo vs Campagnolo / Garrido or even a Mieres / Diaz vs Cepero / Mendez which promises to be hot!

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