At 33, Marianne Vandaele, former French number 3 and selected 3 times for the French team, is launching a new challenge: an international career in the world of padel.

His career, marked by a transition from tennis to padel and rapid rise in the sport, is a story of passion, determination and adaptation.

Marianne Vandaele is now ready to go further. She talks with us about her beginnings and her ambitions for the 2024 season.

A transition from tennis to padel

“I discovered the padel there is 7 years ago,. Before that, I was a tennis player passionate, which naturally led me towards padel. My introduction to padel was done during an introductory session during my training for the state tennis diploma in 2015.

Quickly, I seized the opportunity to play Toulouse Padel Club (TPC), as soon as it opens. Today, licensed to Bandol TC, I am proud of my journey, having reached the rank of French number 3 and having been selected three times for the French team. "

Barcelona, ​​a personal quest

Recently, I made the decision to move to Barcelona. This decision was not only motivated by the desire to change cities. It’s a personal quest to see how far I could go in the padel. I feel that I have not yet reached my full potential et I don't want to have any regrets.

This move represents an exciting adventure for me and an opportunity to compete at the best international level.

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Reconciling role at the FTT and career as a player

Juggle between my role at the French Tennis Federation (FFT) et my playing career is a challenge that I approach with enthusiasm. My plan is to manage my time effectively, by training in the morning and working in the afternoon.

I firmly believe that this dual responsibility will enrich my experience and give me a unique perspective in the world of padel.

Projects and ambitions

I plan to start my international career by participating in the FIP Tour. At 33, I see my age as an asset. I have never been in better shape than I am today. With the experience and maturity that I have acquired, I feel ready to take on the challenges of the international circuit.

I am convinced that my deep understanding my abilities and my style of play positions me ideally for this new stage.

For the moment, I haven't chosen a partner yet for the international season. I plan to train at different academies in Barcelona, ​​where I can meet other players. I believe that the feeling and compatibility are essential to form a strong and harmonious team.

This season, I set myself the goal of pass me, make the most of every moment as well as give the best of myself in each tournament. I aspire to achieve the highest possible ranking, while emphasizing fun and personal accomplishment.

For this new adventure, I am at search for sponsors to support my project Padel for 2024 season. If you are interested in supporting my journey or learning more about my project, do not hesitate to contact me by email at or via my Social Media.

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