Fernando Belasteguin visibly out until the end of the season, Miguel Yanguas was looking for a partner to compete in the WPT Malmö Open.

And the Andalusian, after having shared the track with Victor Ruiz in Menorca, will this time be associated with a young player like him, Pablo Garcia. A pair between two athletes approaching 90 meters, which should offer great coverage of the field and which could disrupt more than one. At the moment we do not know which of these specialists on the right side will move to the left, but in all likelihood it is Pablo Garcia who should take on this role. We can't wait to see what the number 10 pair of the Swedish tournament will be able to offer.

Note that Ivan Ramirez, Garcia's usual partner, is not making the trip to Sweden.

Find the list of registrants here, a list in which we find only one representative of the French delegation, Alix Collombon.

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