What madness ! What a finale! Before returning in detail to a match that will be remembered, let's return to the genesis of this opposition.

After a period of absence from the spotlight, Galan and Lebrón are back at their best and get to work on a Sunday in what turns out to be the most trying season of their careers. Despite a crisis in the middle of the year, their game has never been better since rumors of crises and separations circulated.

Today, they established themselves as the champions of Milan, having found the winning strategy against Stupaczuk/Di Nenno. This marks their fifth victory against this team and their first title Premier Padel of the season. They thus confirm their strong comeback, after a season punctuated by ups and downs. This period was rich in emotions, particularly for Juan Lebrón, who was absent from the field for a long time in 2023 and who probably believed he would never be able to regain his former level.

3 hours of show with multiple twists and turns

The match offered a breathtaking three-hour spectacle, full of unexpected twists and turns. Galan and Lebrón, although faltering at times, were able to prevail in this fierce fight, marked by three tie-breaks. Throughout the match, the outcome remained uncertain, leaving spectators in suspense until the last second.

The quality of play of the four players on the field was remarkable. From the start, the level was exceptionally high. There were almost no moments of let-up, drop in pace or significant errors. The pairs were remarkably effective in their strategies, offering few easy points to their opponents. It was a good example of padel high level, especially in the second set.

Stupaczuk and Di Nenno fought back bravely, saving three match points in the second tiebreak before winning the set. In the final set, Galan and Lebrón took an initial advantage, engaging in long volleys as neither team wanted to give up the net.

The match ended with a moment of confusion between the two Argentine players, ultimately leading to the victory of the Spaniards Galan and Lebrón.

galan lebron milano premier padel 2023

A very good attitude between Galan/Lebrón

Beyond their technical performance, it is remarkable to see a significant evolution in Galan and Lebrón's attitude towards each other. They have clearly worked on this aspect, which is evident in their behavior during the match. The changes of sides took place in a calm climate, and they maintained good communication, despite the high tension of this final, illustrating their determination to win the title as a team.

The statistics of the match testify to its balance: 70 winning shots against 67, and 59 unforced errors against 57. These figures reveal a close confrontation, where every detail, every centimeter on the track, counted in the outcome of the match.

The service controversy

From the start of the match, Galan and Lebrón frequently questioned the height of the ball serving to their opponents, Stupaczuk and Di Nenno. The referee was called upon several times to decide on these situations, resulting in numerous sanctions against Stupaczuk and Di Nenno. Despite these circumstances, the latter remained remarkably calm and imperturbable in the face of these protests.

A 2nd title in Milan!

Lebrón expressed his feelings with emotion: “First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate Martin and Franco wholeheartedly. The show was the four of us on the field. We faced two incredible warriors. I am very moved and a little lost for words. During the second set, I didn't feel at my best in my game. The pressure was immense, but it's to live these moments, to win titles, that we play. What an incredible chance to win this second title in Milan, especially after such a difficult year, marked by long periods without playing.

Galan added: “This week has been wonderful. We feel the affection of the Italians, and we adore them too. To end such a trying year in this way, against players as talented as Martin and Franco, it's perfect. I am extremely proud of our performance today. I am overwhelmed with emotions, very happy. A big thank you to the public for their invaluable support and for filling the stands.”

Galan/Lebrón in 2024?

Lebrón enthusiastically shared his outlook: “We still have one tournament ahead of us. We will continue to work hard and fight to win big titles. We remain focused on this goal and we are very happy. We are going to savor this moment, and I think a big celebration is in order.”

This fifth title, which is also their first in the circuit Premier Padel, is of particular importance to them. He also announces great promises for the Master final next week in Barcelona. The question arises: even if they win this last tournament of the year, will they still decide to separate? Or will this victory renew their desire to regain their title of world number 1 in 2024?

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