It was very very very likely : Momo Gonzalez will play well on the right next to Javi Garrido.

As we saw in the presentation video of the new 100% Andalusian pair on Instagram, the powerful Javi Garrido will remain on the left side, so it is Momo Gonzalez who will take charge of the drive.

For those who still have doubts, the native of Antequera who explains having “always had a right-wing player style of play” explained it in an interview for our colleagues at Twenty Ten Padel : “I hope that everything Sanyo taught me, I will be able to put it in a bag and integrate it into my game. Even more now that I am going to move to the right.”

And for their first tournament together, Garrido and Gonzalez were not spoiled in the draw since they will face two young people who are talking about them at the moment: Ivan Ramirez and Pablo Garcia! Can they achieve their first victory as a pair?

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