Four French pairs played this afternoon in the semi-finals of the 2024 Seniors Plus World Open in Alicante. Two of them will play the final this Saturday!

After the girls, who qualified as a team to play the final against Spain, four French duos played the semi-finals of the Open this afternoon in La Nucia. If the Armagnac / Cazes-Carrere and Pequery / Corbelli duos surrendered respectively against the Swedes and Mexicans, the Maigret / Moreau and Launo / Lagloire pairs did the job. We will find them tomorrow against Spanish pairs. But in the meantime, the Blues will face this afternoon… Spain, in the semi-final of the nations competition !

Today's results:

In over 35 years, Maigret and Moreau beat Falkenstrom / Figuerola (SWE) 6/4 6/4. They will play the final tomorrow against the Spaniards Alvaro Garcia Gallego and Christian Ramos Abad.

In more than 40 years, Armagnac and Cazes-Carrere lost to Olof / Brunstrom (SWE) 6/3 6/3. They will play the small final against Verde and Luchetti (ITA). One of the two players (Luchetti) actually beat them yesterday (with Fanti) in the quarter won by France against Italy. A great opportunity to take their revenge!

In over 45, Corbelli and Pequery lost to Mujica / Lara (MEX) 6/4 6/3. They will play for the bronze medal against Gonzalez Torres / Montilla Carrera (ESP).

In over 55 years, Launo and Lagloire dominate Arrese / Arrese (ESP) 7/6 6/3. They will face other Spaniards, Charfole and Blanco, in the final.

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