Jean-Thomas Peyrou and Max Moreau won the P1000 of 4 this weekendPadel La Rochelle, in the final against Dorian de Meyer and Thomas Vanbauce.

The number 1 seed therefore wins this tournament but it was hot in the final, winning the tie-break of the 3rd set (6/1 1/6 7/6) against the youngsters Thomas Vanbauce and Dorian de Meyer, 63rd and 65th respectively in the French ranking.

De Meyer Vanbauce padel touch winners P500 Head

The 7th player in the standings, Jean-Thomas Peyrou, and his partner, the player of World Padel Tour Max Moreau, had already had need three sets in the quarterfinals to get rid of another Bordeaux pair: Max Vian (118 FFT) and Benjamin Grué (31 FFT).

La little final was won by Moura / PerilhonFacing From Barbeyrac / Val.

The surprise of the tournament goes to Jean Dumartin (110 FFT) and Vincent Lamblin (120 FFT), who dominated the seed number 4, Inzerillo / Auradou, at the end of a big match in the round of XNUMX: 6/4 4/6 10/8 !




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