NXPadel has launched NXPadel Selection, three limited-edition padel courts with three iconic aesthetics and three stories that embody the exclusivity of those who will experience them.

Already since January we had been quite impressed by the appearance on NXPadel's social channels of some evocative, exciting, even a bit cryptic but certainly very different teaser videos from the ones they had accustomed us to in which they showed the incredible advantages of their Fiberglass Padel Courts. As expected, again nothing was done by accident and, thus, curiosity about the imminent arrival of a major novelty inevitably took over.

The answer to our questions waited until February 9, the date when when through a special live-streaming event held on all their digital channels, the Italian padel court manufacturing company announced its most ambitious project ever, a project that according to NXPadel CEO Nicola Ceresoli, marks the beginning of a completely new and unprecedented way of understanding the relationship with the Padel Court, for the first time untied from the purely technical side and ready to stimulate the more suggestive one of people.

It is called NXPadel Selectiona limited-edition collection of three Padel Courts, available on the market in 110 numbered copies of each model from April 1, aiming to amaze, excite, and enter the hearts of those who will know how to experience padel in the most personal and exclusive way ever.

Thus, the claim " The Wonder of Iconic Exclusivity" accompanying the project deliberately outlines NXPadel's intention and acquires full meaning...or almost.

There is one word missing to explore: it is "iconic," crucial because therein lies "the how" it was possible to give concrete form to all this: iconic refers to the aesthetics of each of these three special Padel Courts.

An aesthetic that is instantly recognizable, evocative, and above all unprecedented in this field, an aesthetic that can tell a story, vibrate people's souls, and make them perfectly mirror it. The David, The Spectre, and The Timber are the names of the three creations that give life to NXPadel Selection, three courts, three stories, three aesthetics, each simply iconic: let's find out about them!


The David is an ode to beauty, elegance, and timeless style. A masterpiece in the form of a breathtaking Padel Court that embodies the most gentle and refined souls. A symphony of grace, stunning and bewitching magnificence, capable of evoking an atmosphere of charm, allure, and infinite virtuosity. Inspired by Michelangelo's David the Fiberglass structure has been completely reinterpreted and embellished, reproducing marble and its incredible veining, creating a sumptuous and sublime effect of crystalline elegance never seen before. Matching the white of the marbled Fiberglass is a black ZeroS that brings out every detail and nuance in a contrast of tones that creates an ambiance of ecstasy. The same atmosphere that those who aim to embellish every aspect of their lives seek and, thanks to The David, will finally be able to breathe it in on a Padel Court as well.

The Specter NXPADEL

The Spectre is a concentrate of vital energy, speed, and futurism. The culmination of an unstoppable race through the taste for the most whimsical, hi-tech, and innovative design. The ultimate exaltation of those who do not give up the latest trend and who, from now on, will enjoy the pleasure of a padel court that echoes their brilliant personality. The most powerful expression of the dynamism that characterizes the most eclectic and sophisticated spirits of those who live in the most creative, original, and glamorous way. In the Spectre, the Fiberglass structure has been processed to reproduce carbon fiber and its iconic geometric texture, which has always been synonymous with lightness, modernity, and advanced technology that generates an innovative and unprecedented effect. To further emphasize this creation, the structure is enriched with details in blazing red by matching them with a ZeroS of the same hue to represent the fire of passion that animates those who never stop, in a vibrant explosion of light and vibrant glow.

The Timber NXPADEL

In The Timber, from refined processing of the Fiberglass structure, the perfect reproduction of the wood of a tree has been obtained, which, characterized by sinuous veins in different shades and hues of brown, guarantees a super realistic and richly detailed effect. The entire structure, which blends perfectly with the bright green of ZeroS, defines a harmonious and homogeneous space in which human activities and nature coexist synergist synergistically and harmoniously without ever getting in the way.

As we have seen, NXPadel Selection represents something extraordinary, a unicum in the padel court sector and at the same time a tangible sign of the ambitions of the Italian company, which has not only revolutionized every component of the padel court through novel solutions and products but now has even been able to entrust it with a new dimension but one that fits well with the scope of the expansion of the entire padel movement in recent years. As of now, there is a padel court that embodies your story, exudes every detail of your most exclusive personality, and is in perfect continuity with the context in which it is inserted. The David, The Spectre, The Timber: have you already chosen the one that best represents you?