Gemma Triay announced on Instagram that she will not play with Alejandra Salazar again, who is currently taking a break in his season to heal himself.

It's the end of an era ! Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay, who decided to join forces at the start of 2021 and who finished two seasons in a row in first place in the World Padel Tour, put an end to their adventure.

This is a small surprise, since Gemma Triay had hinted that she would return with Ale as soon as she was able to return to the slopes. Finally, the temporary association with Ortega seems set to last. In effect, to our microphone not long ago, Gemma admitted to appreciating the pair she forms with Martita. We can't wait to see if, with a little more joint training, the two women can sustainably compete with Paula Josemaria and Ari Sanchez, who currently sit on the padel World.

We will obviously retain the best of the Salazar / Triay pair, who will have managed to win 23 tournaments on the World Padel Tour in just over two seasons. A great performance!

From now on, we are waiting to see when and especially with whom Alejandra Salazar will return. Many changes seem to be expected among the ladies…

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