This weekend of February 16, 17 and 18, the P1500 of February 4 will be playedPadel Bordeaux. And as expected, some very good teams will be present.

Among the men, we notice the presence of two very high level players: Aitor Garcia and Teo Zapata. The first is associated with Benjamin Grué with whom he will form the 1st seed, while the second teams up as usual with the host Cyril Hanouna.

If the 1st seed seems favorite, we expect a good competition with many pairs which seem close on paper such as Maigret / Joris, Forcin / Vives, Cancel / Hugounenq, De Meyer / Vanbauce…

Among the girls, the field is less tough, but the competition still promises to be balanced. If the pairs Sireix / Bahurel and Ros / Maligo seem best equipped to achieve the final victory, we see behind that many duos are quite close on paper. In a table which should be fairly homogeneous, will the young Barla and Lambert-Agosti be able to make their mark?

For those who will not be able to go to Bordeaux, don't panic, the matches will be followed as usual on Padel MagTV!

Links to follow the matches

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