Opposed to the Surprise Dumartin/Rouanet, Bastien Blanqué and Adrien Maigret won in two sets in the semi-finals of the P2000 du 4Padel Bordeaux. For their part, Benjamin Grué and Philémon Raichman were also sovereign with a victory in two sets against Dorian De Meyer and Thomas Vanbauce.

Jostled yesterday by Julien Seurin and Ludovic Cancel, the favorites of the competition, Adrien Maigret and Bastien Blanqué were very solid this morning.

For their part, Philémon Raichman and Benjamin Grué were also very strong in the duel between the seeds 4 and 5.

So in your opinion, who will win this first tournament of the FFT Padel Tour of 2023? Blanqué/Maigret? Or Grué/Raichman?

See you after the ladies' final, scheduled for 14:30 p.m. To follow the matches, it happens just below:

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