Le famous billboard dedicated to padel is currently making its mark in clubs and tournaments padel.

Laurent Klein, the founder of this panel, explains to us:

“We were able to see to what extent an object, ultimately relatively simple, can help spectators to follow a match and players not to lose track of the score, which sometimes avoids some unnecessary tension.

This object blends perfectly into the decor of the club padel.

I think the size is also interesting, not too big, not too small. With the help of the players and clubs, we managed to find the ideal size, which is also a good point for us.”

"Tennis Padel Bourg-de-Péage Club, where Hanouna came, or even at the Mirabel-aux-Baronnies Tennis Club, a small structure which also attracts a lot of people with its welcome and its cuisine, this billboard has become the rule .

We saw this with Cyril Hanouna who used it in Bourg-de-Péage. The spectators say thank you because it allows them to follow what is happening on the track.”

To learn more about this magical and at the same time so simple and obvious billboard, go to Padel Score.