Le padel, this racket sport which has more than 25 million active players in 110 countries, is about to explode in South Florida. The society Padel X recently opened one of the largest clubs in padel in the USA. The location ? In the heart of downtown Miami, at 141 NE 13th Terrace and right next to the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

The ownership group Padel X opened 10 premium courts at this location, but the momentum will not stop there. The Miami club is just the beginning. This is the first of three clubs Padel X of South Florida to open this year, followed by Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.

The ownership group of Padel X – including co-founders Juan Pablo Leria et Nalle Grinda – makes an initial investment of $10 million in these first three clubs. Furthermore, within five years, the goal is to open 30 clubs Padel X across the United States.

"We believe that the 'Revolution Padel'the United States is here to stay“, said Leria, who is also CEO of the company. “We expect explosive growth in clubs padel In the coming years".

"Padel X is a dynamic and innovative brand. THE padel has been a rather informal industry over the past decades and we intend to help professionalize this sport and that is why we chose our name. We want to raise the padel in the power of X."

A lack of padel at Miami

Grinda, who is also the chief sports director of Padel X, played padel professional in his native France 2004 to 2010. In 2010, he left his professional career and moved to Miami to work in real estate. But he couldn't forget the padel and his passion for this sport.

"There was no padel in Miami at the time“, Grinda said. “I started building a few courts and introducing my friends to the sport on the beach. We kept inviting people to play and they eventually got hooked on the game."

"Le padel is now practiced in the United States, but it has been happening in Europe and Latin America for 30 years.“, said Grinda. “It is now the fastest growing sport in the world."

While Grinda has strong credentials as a professional gamer padel, Leria has over 20 years of experience in club management award-winning wellness facilities, padel and other hotel-type locations.

The whole team Padel X shares a passion for sports, which makes it a passion project.

Padel X Miami at night

Top of the range

Grinda, who announced the creation of an academy of padel high-end for all levels of players, is convinced that this sport will experience a major success on the American market.

"We want to innovate with video technology on our courts, our Level Up training program and a wide range of tournaments, clinics and training experiences. padel“, Grinda said.

Tournaments are also increasing. The US Padel Association hosted 15 tournaments in 2022. That number increased to 40 last year. This year, the number of tournaments is expected to reach more than 75.

Padel X, a pioneering recycling program

"With recycled waste from bales padel and plastic bottles, we produce clothing and furniture for all our clubs“, said Leria. “Each item will indicate the number of recycled bottles needed. For example, 10 plastic bottles for a T-shirt or 1 bottles to make one of our iconic benches. "

Leria stated that the padel was relatively unknown Americans - but not for long "We believe Americans will embrace the sport because it is dynamic, sophisticated and social. It's a cool lifestyle."

On the few 250 courts of padel in the USA, 80 of them are in Miami. This makes Miami the epicenter of sports in this country. Leria notices high demand for the courts of padel in Florida with little availability during peak hours between 16 p.m. and midnight. And he believes that as more clubs open in the coming years, players will continue to flock to Padel X due to his superior club experience.

The official manufacturer of the terrain Padel X is Best set, which is the official supplier of the circuit grounds Premier Padel. Lacoste is the official club staff clothing line Padel X and is marked on the nets and net posts.

Padel x Miami x Lacoste