As we told you recently, Federico Chingotto is injured and uncertain for the end of the season. On Instagram, his teammate Paquito Navarro, although certainly disappointed at not being able to participate in the Malmö Open, preferred, in his characteristic style, to laugh at the situation.

So, he asked his partner to take advantage of this break to train… at Mus! For those who do not know Mus, it is a very popular card game, particularly in the Basque Country and the Madrid region, and which fascinates some card players. padel.

The most addicted seem to be Navarro and Chingotto on one side, and Nieto and Sanz on the other. Indeed, the two duos very often play games between matches at tournaments. The Navarrese also added his little grain of salt by asking the Argentinian and the Sevillian to train more, because he was “tired of beating them in every tournament”!

A good-natured atmosphere among his Mus fans. In any case, we hope that “Super Raton” will soon be back on the slopes, and ready to bring out his best game in his pocket!

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