Present with the Australian team which finished in 12th place during the World Seniors Plus 2024, Pat Rafter answered three questions from FIP.

Pat, what's it like to play padel after being an accomplished tennis player?

It's a different discipline, and that's precisely why I like it. It's a new challenge to take on, and I have a great desire to learn. It doesn't matter that my age is no longer in my favor, I keep trying! Among the differences, there is obviously the fact of always having a partner on the ground. At padel, it's like playing chess with your opponents; To win, you must try to dominate them with cunning and strategy.

How do you see the future of padel in Australia ?

Le padel in Australia is growing, it is a gradual but constant path. We must continue to promote its diffusion, and who knows, maybe in ten years we will be able to compete with Spain!

Who are your references among the players?

The Spanish are very good, but I saw some very strong players among those who participated in the FIP Senior World Championships. padel. You always learn something by watching them play. And in general, in a tournament like this, you feel that feeling of team unity, you appreciate your teammates and you enjoy being with them and playing together. It was very exciting for me.

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