The best players in the world of padel will compete from June 10 to 16 in the exceptional setting of the Arkea Arena in Bordeaux. With Roland-Garros, the Bordeaux Premier Padel thus becomes one of the two French stages of the international circuit. Jean-Luc Baldelli promoter of the tournament and Jean-Thomas Peyrou co-director of the event with Michaël Llodra draw for Padel Magazine the outlines of this first edition. 

The genesis of Bordeaux Premier Padel 

Jean-Luc Baldelli : “Jean-Thomas Peyrou and I have known each other for two years. I'm a Big player Padel Bordeaux and one day, I saw him training and performing viboras… It was magnificent, a rarity in our amateur matches. Later, I learned that he was a member of the French team, and our friendship began. Then, JT had the idea of ​​doing a FIP Rise. He needed a main partner, and Moon Safari came on board. Thus was born the FIP Rise of Bordeaux, a great success.

After the success of FIP Rise, I wondered if we could do more. I had my tickets to the Arena, and JT was in contact with Premier Padel. I suggested that we launch ourselves into the professional circuit. At first he thought I was crazy, but everything came together quickly, especially with the end of the World Padel Tour and the launch of the professional circuit Premier Padel in 2024. We seized this opportunity. » 

Jean-Luc Baldelli

A P2 to aim higher in the future? 

Jean-Thomas Peyrou : “Everything seemed to fit together, but leading to this collaboration with Premier Padel was a lot of work. Premier Padel, a world circuit with 25 stages, already had a big tournament in Paris. We wanted to hit hard and we will do everything to rise to the challenge. We will organize a P2.

We have ambition and we want to gain momentum. We are lucky to have signed a five-year contract and we will want to improve with each edition of the tournament. The new calendar Premier Padel must allow us to welcome the best in the world. I could never have imagined one day seeing Bela, Coello, LeBron and the best players in the world play in Bordeaux. It's a dream come true. » 

coaching padel jt peyrou P2000 Pyramids

More than 5 seats at the Arkéa Arena

Jean-Thomas Peyrou : “We hope that it will be a little more than a competition. We couldn't dream of a prettier venue to host the tournament. The Arkéa Arena will be the capital of padel world for a week with a center with more than 5 seats plus two additional tracks. There will be a partners' village and a fourth track will be built to allow spectators to test our sport. » 

Jean-Luc Baldelli : “We want people to be marked by the event. Our goal is to convert even more people to padel. We are going to create numerous events throughout the week, creating evenings of sharing around Bordeaux gastronomy and wine. It’s an incredible challenge to organize a stage Premier Padel in Bordeaux. » 

JT Peyrou, Mickaël Llodra, Fabien Stut, Jean-Luc Baldelli,

Mickaël Llodra, the 3rd man! 

Jean-Luc Baldelli : “Mickaël Llodra, the former professional tennis player, is part of the adventure with JT and me. Mika has played in quite a few amateur tournaments in Bordeaux, P250, P500. With his talent for the serve and volley, he is not good to take even if he refuses to play with the windows (laughs).

He really wanted to get involved with us in this sport. His passion for wine, and the fact that padel is a booming sport affiliated with the French Tennis Federation did the rest. He’s also a friend, so he trusted us on this project. He knows the world of professional tournaments and players perfectly. His experience of the biggest tournaments in the world will be a real plus. » 

Mika llodra padel

Simple and accessible pricing 

Jean-Thomas Peyrou : “Qualifying will be played Monday and Tuesday, and the main draw will begin between Tuesday and Wednesday. We have opted for simple and accessible pricing, with a single rate of €12 per person per day. From Wednesday, there will be two single prices until Sunday: €18 for category 2 and €36 for category 1. We are confident in the response from the public. The central track will be able to accommodate nearly 5 people. We will have really nice VIP services. We can't wait for it to start. » 

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Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.