2024 will mark a big turning point for the elite of the padel worldwide since the World Padel Tour will completely give way to Premier Padel. In total, these are 25 tournaments which will make up this calendar: 9 P2, 11 P1, 4 Major and an end-of-season Master, scheduled just before Christmas (December 18 to 22)!

A resolutely international calendar, with 18 countries and 5 continents visited : Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Mexico (2), Venezuela, Belgium, Spain (4), Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, France (2), Italy (3), Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Egypt, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates.

Like last year, we will start in the Persian Gulf, before going to Central and South America then Europe. Return to South America, before returning for more than a quarter in Europe and leaving behind in the Middle East (and in Africa with Egypt) and making another stop in Mexico then finishing the year in Europe, with the traditional P1 in Milan and a Tour Finals (the equivalent of the Master Final) in Barcelona like this year.


As you see it, France will be entitled to two tournamentss, the Roland-Garros Major (from September 30 to October 6), as in the previous two years, and a new competition: the P2 in Bordeaux, scheduled for June 10 to 16. France is one of only four countries to host more than one tournament this season!

Little surprise in Europe: if the cities of Düsseldorf, Milan, Brussels or even Paris were maintained, Amsterdam loses its competition to Rotterdam.

This resolutely international calendar obviously does not do the business of Spain, which will “only” have 4 tournaments, a big difference with previous years…

The countries which had organized the 4 Majors during the last two seasons were renewed: Qatar, Italy, France and Mexico.

Luigi Carraro, the president of the FIP, is in any case delighted with this new calendar: “The 2024 season marks the start of a new era for the Premier Padel while the circuit extends to 25 tournaments organized on the 5 continents, thus truly becoming the first professional world circuit of padel.

Together with our national federations, we are excited to see the sport grow in audience and participants around the world, as the tour visits new cities and countries, inspiring the next generation. To the International Federation of padel, we are proud to create a tremendous legacy and build a bright future for our sport, by putting players at the center of the tour organization. We hope 2024 will be the most exciting season for Premier Padel and for padel in general".

And you, what do you think of this calendar?

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