A look back at the interview with Lucile Pothier and Charlotte Soubrié at Urban P2000Padel Carquefou. Those who have won the tournament spoke to Mario Cordero about their new association after their victory in the semi-final. Excerpts.

Lucile Pothier: “We felt very good together last year during the P1000 which we won in Bordeaux. We talk often during the year, we always got along well, we played together at the French team training camp and we saw that it worked well, so we said to each other “do we would not do the season together”, and I am very happy with this association. We both love rugby so it’s all good.”

Charlotte Soubrie: “We plan to do the French tournaments and the FIP, and if there are slow periods, either I will go to Annecy or she will come to Toulouse.”

To see the interview in its entirety, it's just below:

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