Le Premier Padel Brussels P2 is in full swing, with crazy matches and extremely attractive posters, but unfortunately the meetings are not broadcast in France.

As announced at the start of the tournament, Canal Plus, the channel which holds the rights to Premier Padel in France, has chosen to broadcast only the final of the competition, live on Sunday from 14:00 p.m. (you will also be entitled to a summary of the Brussels P2 on Canal Plus Sport 360 on Tuesday in Soir de Padel).

As the encrypted channel decided not to broadcast the matches before the final, it released the signal, so that we should be able to see the matches on YouTube in France. But unfortunately, as you see, it doesn't work at the moment.

If Tuesday's matches were clearly visible in France, since Wednesday this is no longer the case. For the moment, we do not know the reason for this blockage, but in all likelihood, the situation should be restored during the next tournaments. French fans can rest assured, they should soon be able to see the matches of Premier Padel !

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