We're getting to the heart of the matter on the Brussels side, with the quarter-finals starting this Friday.

In the women's category, we are dealing with a real “roller coaster”, with all the top seeds present at the event. Enough to bode well for very nice encounters. The two matches that are the most balanced on paper are Brea / Gonzalez (TS2) vs Ortega / Virseda (TS5) and Salazar / Icardo (TS4) vs Riera / Araujo (TS7). Castello and Jensen (TS6), accustomed to shocks, will try to create the feat against the number 1s. Finally, Llaguno and Sainz (TS8) do not really seem to have the weapons to get rid of Fernandez and Triay (TS3) , but we never know !

Among the men, the big favorites are there, but the hierarchy has still been shaken up last night. The surprises of the quarters, Lamperti / Belluati and Sanchez Chamero / Garcia, after winning very tough battles last night, will try to create the feat again this Friday.

In this context, the posters which seem the most undecided on the men's side are undoubtedly Lebron / Navarro (TS2) vs Sanz / Nieto (TS8) and Di Nenno / Stupaczuk (TS4) vs Garrido / Yanguas (TS5).

The program of the day:

Le Premier Padel should still block the retransmission this Friday in France, but you never know we still leave you the link of the YouTube channel of Premier Padel, And the one of Red Bull TV, especially for our Spanish neighbors!

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