If we have witnessed three surprises among the ladies yesterday in the round of 1 of the GNP Mexico PXNUMX, we saw that among the men the top seeds were in good shape.

The Mexican heat doesn't stop the favorites from getting the job done. Indeed, among the first eight pairs of the competition, only Fernando Belasteguin and Lucho Capra (Ts6) are missing from the quarter-finals this Friday.

Impressively, the “Big 3” lost only eight games combined. The pairs whose end has already been recorded, Sanyo / Paquito and Chingotto / Gonzalez, also did the work. They show, like Lebron / Galan, that it is entirely possible to play well after announcing a separation.

For their part, the young people with long teeth confirm the trend of previous tournaments: the pairs Nieto / Sanz, Yanguas / Garrido and Alonso / Arroyo being well present in the quarter-finals.

This suggests some very good games this Friday, including a Qatar's revenge which smells of powder... Here are the posters for the men's quarters:

  • Coello / Tapia (Ts1) vs Chingotto / Gonzalez (Ts5)
  • Lebron / Galan (Ts2) vs Yanguas / Garrido (Ts7)
  • Stupaczuk / Di Nenno (Ts3) vs Nieto / Sanz (Ts8)
  • Gutiérrez / Navarro (Ts4) vs Alonso / Arroyo

The program of the day:

To follow the matches, go to the YouTube channel of Premier Padel.

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