Le Premier Padel Italy Major has filled up with registrations, including many French people who are going to Rome and who will start their tournament this Saturday, May 21.

The second Major of Premier Padel of the season still attracts as many players, and among them, we still find a great French delegation.

As in Qatar, we will find Benjamin Tison and Teo Zapata in the main draw.

The other tricolors will be in qualifying. We will have two 100% French pairs: Bergeron/Leygue and Inzerillo/Maigret. Three other blues will be present: Jérémy Scatena, Max Moreau and Bastien Blanqué, respectively with Sergio Icardo, Pablo Acevedo and Jorge Señoran.

To note that Nallé Grinda, Monegasque international and well known in France, will also be in previa, alongside the Ecuadorian Carlos Luna.

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