Our colleagues at Relevo finally seem to have the answer concerning the application or not of the famous “Punto de oro” (golden point) which caused so much debate when the World Padel Tour made it mandatory in 2020.

It would be the big return to the professional reference circuit of the advantage after 40A and these games which can sometimes last, last and last.

Remember, habits are stubborn, and in 2020, there were many criticisms of World Padel Tour for having implemented these regulations without taking into account the opinions of the players. Moreover, this decision was partly one of the reasons for this revolt among the players: not the regulations themselves, but the way the WPT changed a regulation without any consultation with the main players in this sport. , namely the players.

But, little by little, the punto de oro made its nest, to the point where more and more fans who were against it, today have become pros of the punto de oro. And besides, the circuit of Fabrice Pastor, A1 Padel, could continue with the “NO AD” system (no advantage).

In 2023, we therefore had the World Padel Tour with the point of gold and Premier Padel with the advantages. With the acquisition of WPT by Premier Padel, the question was again on the table: what rule was going to be adopted by this first year of Premier Padel without the WPT.

Obviously, after consultation, the players would therefore have once again leaned towards the return of the advantage.

And Bela, for the return of the advantage, explained to us in 2022 what was behind the scenes of this choice of Premier Padel : “We put it to a vote for the players to decide. Out of the 120 votes, playing without point of gold won with a difference of 8 or 9 votes. I chose to come back to the advantage.”

There would therefore have been no change in 2 years among the players, even if we do not know who was actually consulted by Premier Padel. Indeed, in the world top 100, interests can diverge.

We'll have to expect longer matches with the re-establishment of the advantage on the reference professional circuit.

According to the newspaper Relevo, on the World Padel Tour, men's matches last on average 1h42 and 1h49 for women. The two-hour mark could be crossed with the advantage.

Nothing will change for French players who participate in the French circuit and the international circuit. It will therefore be the same regulation.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.