The last tournament of the season Premier Padel, the Milano P1, is fast approaching, and we already know the list of registrants.

Among the big names, nothing really new, since almost everyone is there. Fernando Belasteguin will make his comeback on the slopes, unlike his compatriot Maxi Sanchez, who is therefore putting an end to the season. The usual teammate of “Tiburon” will participate in the tournament with Alex Chozas, as was the case during previous competitions.

In the qualifications we notice the presence of Miguel Lamperti, who in the absence of Juan Martin Diaz, who has already retired, will play with another left-hander, the young José Jimenez. In these famous previas, we find unusual French pairs, Moreau / Guichard and Scatena / Bergeron, as well as Benjamin Tison and Thomas Leygue, who keep their usual partners: Aitor Garcia and Ferran Insa respectively.

Six French people are therefore guaranteed to be part of the qualifications, for the others we will have to hope for withdrawals. First on the waiting list, Bastien Blanqué and the Italian Salandro can believe it, it will be a little more complicated for Inzerillo and the Spaniard Garcia, two rows behind, but still playable. On the other hand, for Manuel Vives and the Belgian Peeters, who are 17th on the waiting list, participation in the tournament seems more than unlikely...

On the female side, we find as always Alix Collombon and Lorena Rufo. The Lyonnaise is also the only tricolor guaranteed to participate in the competition, the pairs Touly / Betz and Invernon / Ligotti being on the waiting list, in 7th and 13th position respectively.

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