The very first tournament Premier Padel will see the first four seeds compete tomorrow in the last four.

The stars of padel are well on the way to the semi-finals of this Premier Padel Qatar Major 2022. Indeed, there were no surprises today, and the top four ranked pairs all held their ranks.

Even stronger, the favorites did not leave a single set on the way during this day of quarter-finals. These are therefore pairs in great shape that we should find tomorrow from 17 p.m. local time (16 p.m. in France).

As since the start of the tournament, Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno played today, and we can clearly say that they have regained their form from the end of last season. It was more difficult for the other pairs who were still able to be very solid when necessary.

Here are today's results:

  • Di Nenno/Navarro beats Rico/Gonzalez 6/3 6/1
  • Lebron/Galan beats Belasteguin/Coello 6/3 7/5
  • Chingotto/Tello beats Capra/Ruiz 6/3 7/6
  • Ruiz/Stupaczuk beat Campagnolo/Garrido 7/6 6/4

You will find just below the program of the semi-finals:

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