We do not stop them anymore ! The Lucky Losers of the previas of the Premier Padel Qatar Major continue to defy the odds in Doha!

Beaten by Thomas Leygue and Ignacio Sager Nagel in the previa final of the Premier Padel Qatar Major, Losers José Gonzalez and Ignacio Vilariño benefited from the withdrawal of the Botello / Lijo pair to climb into the final table of this very first tournament of the new official circuit of the FIP.

And the least we can say is that the two young Spaniards are not there to play the role. After creating a sensation yesterday by eliminating Javi Leal and Miguel Semmler, they are doing it again today by dominating Sanyo Gutiérrez and his nephew, Agustin!

Faced with the seeded 7 of the tournament, the Spaniards won in two sets (6/4 7/6). Admittedly, Sanyo did not evolve with his usual partner Agustin Tapia, but it is still a real feat for two players who are not even in the World Top 100!

Tomorrow, they will therefore play the round of 6 of this Qatar Major, against Momo Gonzalez and Javi Rico (diaz / Patiniotis scorers: 2/6 4/XNUMX). For a new surprise?

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